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Joao Batista Groppo, locking wife in basement a-hole

29 Jan

Joao Batista Groppo wanted to have an affair. So to make sure his wife didn’t find out, he kidnapped her and locked her in a basement. For Eight Freaking Years. Acting on a tip, police found 64-year-old Sebastiana Aparecida Groppo lying naked in a dank and dirty basement. Nice, Joao. You know, if you wanted to be a wife-cheating a-hole, all you had to do is tell her you were working late, and go shack up with some Brazilian prostitute with a nice rack and a few unclaimed STDs. You’d still be an a-hole. But not an inhumane one. Congratulations on out-doing every unfaithful man in the world, and winning the coveted A-Hole of the Day Award.