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Mark Cuban, Charlie Sheen exploiting a-hole

7 Mar

Mark Cuban, the mercurial owner of the Dallas Mavericks, wants to enter the world of reality TV, and is considering offering none other than train wreck Charlie Sheen his own reality show. No thanks, Mark. We don’t need to see “Coke Addicts Gone Bad” or “”Whore Lovers of Beverly Hills.” And “The Real Dickwads of Hollywood” isn’t going to grab our attention either. So why don’t you let Chuck sit at home by “detox.” We don’t need a-hole like you cashing in on his mess.


Charlie Sheen, mouthy show-cancelling a-hole

25 Feb

Nice going, cokehead. You have to get your bong in a bunch and  bash your “Two and a Half Men” peeps on live radio. And what happens? They freaking cancel the show. Thanks a lot. Thanks for being the half a man, and acting like a spoiled little child. We were depending on you to get us through May until “America’s Got Talent” comes on. Now what are we going to do on Monday nights? Talk to our families? Get a hobby? We’re fat lazy Americans. That’s just not going to happen.