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Rep. Chris Lee, Craigslist wife-cheating a-hole

10 Feb

For politicians, it’s been a long, slow learning curve to fidelity. We learned the hard way, they you can’t proposition pages and keep your job. We learned that high-priced hookers have a propensity to blabber. And we learned that if you’re looking for gay sex, it’s probably no a good idea to take a hard-line anti-gay stance in your politics. And now thanks to the less-than-honorable ┬áRep. Chris Lee, we learned┬áthat if you’re looking for a date and you don’t want your wife to know, you’d better not advertise yourself on Craigslist. Listen, you’re already an a-hole for cheating on your wife, but now you’ve shown us you’re a stupid a-hole too. Put shit on the Internet, and nosey Nates like us are going to find it. Welcome to the 21st century. Welcome to the unemployment line. And divorce court.