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Bob King, jealous underpaid union a-hole

23 Mar

Bob, we here at A-Hole of the Day truly support unions. We are offended by what has happened in Wisconsin and in other states with similar bills under consideration. But when you start spouting off about how Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally’s paycheck is “morally wrong,” we have call, “A-Hole.” This is America, Bob. If people want to give you a crap-load of cash, you have every right in the world to take it. Plus, if anyone has earned it, it’s Alan. He’s turned Ford around in amazing ways, he’s creating jobs, and, hell, ┬áhis cars are actually pretty good. So if you want to rag on someone’s paycheck, just pick a major league baseball roster. Then you might have our support.


Jon Bon Jovi, living-in-the-past a-hole

15 Mar

Jon, we should’ve given you the A-Hole of the Day Award the day you wrote “Blaze of Glory.” But we thought we’d be nice and let you rip off Bruce Springsteen for another 20 years. Now you’ve really gone and done it when you criticized Steve Jobs for “ruining music.” Jon thinks that days when kids would plop down $16 for a cd with one good song one song and 11 pieces of 4/4 crapolla were good. Sorry, Jon. It wasn’t good. It was disappointing. Sorry that you can’t sell us your filler music anymore.

Mike Huckabee, Natalie Portman hating a-hole

4 Mar

Dear Mike Huckabee, please stop waiving your lilly-white morality around. You’re in a line of work with Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton and that dude who has a thing for young nubile pages. So, your public criticisms of single-mom-to-be Natalie Portman ring kind of hollow. If someone gives you a microphone, talk about the deficit or national security or, hell how Obama is really a Kenyan national who wants to overthrow every American value we hold near and dear. Just leave Natalie alone. Because she’s hot, and we like her.