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Mark Buehrle, injury-wishing a-hole

11 Feb

Let us begin this post with a disclaimer: Michael Vick is perhaps the worlds biggest a-hole for holding his own MMA tournament for dogs several years back. But still, that doesn’t make what White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle uttered any better. In a recent interview, Mr. Buehrle said that he hoped Michael Vick sustained a serious injury this season as punishment for his doggie deeds. Mark, Mr. Vick already was punished for those actions. It’s called jail. He did his time, he paid his dues and as far as we know, he doesn’t have any more Fidos on ‘roids ready to bite an ear off. We get that you don’t want dogs harmed. Nobody does. But don’t wish harm on humans. That just makes you as big an a-hole as Vick.