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Tawander Simmons, using kid as bank robbing accomplice a-hole

31 Jan

Tawander Simmons wanted to rob a bank. But she knew she couldn’t pull off the heist alone. So what did she do? She went to her son’s high school and checked him and two of his buddies out to help. Yep, she gave them a break from all the readin’ and writin’ so that they could hone their skills on robbin’ and pillagin’. Needless to say, the whole incident didn’t end well. After all, when you ask a teenager to do anything, he usually ¬†does it half-assed (if at all), and he usually bitches and moans during the whole process. And while Tawander won’t win Mother of the Year for her school prank, she will get an award from us. Congratulations Tawander, you are the A-Hole of the Day.