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The Yellow Pages, lawsuit waging a-holes

7 Feb

The Yellow Pages, the company the drops their 500-page dinosaurs on everybody’s doorstep, is suing the city of Seattle so that they can continue to litter our neighborhoods with books we no longer use. Seems the city of Seattle allows their peeps to opt out of the Yellow Pages’ guest list, and the Yellow Pages doesn’t think it’s fair. ┬áThey say it’s an infringement on their right to free speech or free press or free something. But, if they’d get their noses out of the “Lawyers” section of their printed relics, and read the frickin’ Constitution, they’d see that the right to deforest the world and fill up our recycling bins is not mentioned anywhere. So, Yellow Pages, do us all a favor, and quit filing your grievances. You’re wasting enough paper as it is.