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Stacey Champion, puppy-mailing a-hole

2 Feb
Artist's Rendering

Stacey Champion (artist's rendering)

Last Tuesday, Stacey Champion walked into a Minneapolis post office with a package to mail. The contents: a puppy. Yes, inside the taped up box was a little 4-month-old poodle mix with no food, no air, no light and no place to take a crap. ¬†And he was about to take the 12-hour unpressurized ride of his life. Or his death, as it were. In her defense, Stacey was sending the dog as gift to a friend. And hey, who wouldn’t want a cold, dead puppy with the fear of God frozen on his face to open up in front of the family? Stacey now faces charges of animal cruelty and has the honor of being the biggest a-hole of the day.