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Hosni Mubarak, violence escalating a-hole

3 Feb

It started out as a rather reasonable request by the people of Egypt. Take your 30 years of douchey dictatorship,  go find a place in France and leave us the hell alone.  So what did head man Hosni Mubarak do? He sent his goons out to put a little pepper in the party. And a week’s worth of peaceful demonstrations turned into a blizzard of Molotov cocktails, flying rocks and dickheads on camel back looking for a fight. Way to ruin a perfectly good government overthrow, you a-hole. All you had to do was pack up your gold doubloons and a few pairs of underwear and get the fuck out. But instead you had to throw a tantrum. Hope you left enough room in your suitcase for the A-Hole of the Day Trophy.