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Wisconsin Senate, sneaky, slimy a-holes

9 Mar

Oh, Wisconsin, we thought you were all nice and polite. What with your charming little accents and your endless supply of cheeses. We thought you were still happy little drunks, swilling Miller Beer as you watch re-runs of the Packers Super Bowl win. But then you go and pull a fast one. You make up this new bill that will allow you to strip unions of their rights without the need for a quorum vote. And then you vote on it as the lone Democrat reads — make that SCREAMS — the Wisconsin Constitution to you, pointing out that you are breaking the law. Rude. Rude. Rude, Wisconsin. Who do you think you are, New Jersey?


Jeff Cox, tweeting a-hole

23 Feb

If you’re the attorney general of Indi-freaking-ana, you can’t be tweeting like some coked up Kardashian. But that’s what Jeff Cox did, when he tweeted out the idea of using live ammo to subdue union protesters. Jeff the Cox might want to check the law books he’s in charge of. Because peaceful protesting is not a capital offense. And shooting randomly in crowds is sorta dangerous. So, Jeff, if you want to give us a 140-character dissertation on the Oscars or your night out with the ladies, go for it. Just keep your stupid-a-hole political opinions to yourself.

Gov. Scott Walker, teacher-hating a-hole

18 Feb

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker , being the dutiful tea-bagger that he ┬áis, is taking out his hatchet and cutting everything in sight. First on his list: teachers. He and his fellow spendthrifts think that the educators in their state are making way too much. And to prevent them from making any more, he’s turning back the clock to the 1890’s and trying to bust their union. WTF, Gov? Forget the fact that union busting is pretty fucking unAmerican, but by coming down on teachers, you’re also coming down on the kids they teach. And if you’re OK with China and Japan completely lapping us in spelling bees and science fairs and, well, real life, then go for it. Spending too much is only one way to sink the country.